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Leslye Fox Anderson, President, Treasurer 
I joined the family business in 1977, the year our company incorporated and began its rapid expansion. I began my career doing the payroll. Eventually, I took over all the accounting functions.  When my mother passed away, I took over as President of the company.  Today, I am responsible for the operations, management and finances of the business. 

I believe a business needs to be well organized, accurate, consistent and detail oriented, yet keep an element of flexibility to meet the needs of employees and clients. Although many of my duties keep me behind the scenes, I am always available to you. 

Thomas Fox, Vice President, Corporate Secretary
My career in the staffing industry was not a well thought out or well planned goal. I entered the industry in 1974 because our founder, my mother, needed help. I soon discovered that I enjoyed finding people work and finding employees for clients. I have spent my entire adult life working in the staffing industry. I have worked in virtually every position: from receptionist to accounting, from sales to placement. My diverse duties gave me the opportunity to learn this business from the ground up. Today, my major responsibilities include: the day to day management of our company, office/policy administration, training, sales, recruitment, interviewing, evaluation, screening and placement. 

I believe in an honest, ethical approach to business mixed with logic and common sense. To be successful, I feel you must create a winning situation for all the parties involved: the client company, the job candidate and our own company. Lasting business relationships must be based on a mutual consideration for each other and mutual trust. If this is what you look for in a staffing service, then we're your company! Give me a call. I will personally work with you. 

Marjorie S. Fox, Founder, Past President (1924-2002)
Marge passed away July 2002, after a short illness.  She continued to work in the business right up until the time she became ill because she loved this business so much.  As a tribute to her, we continue her story:

As a young woman, I knew I wanted a job dealing with the public. Because I loved working with people, my work always revolved around customer service and sales. My career in the staffing industry began as a sales representative in 1965, when I answered an ad for a local temporary personnel service. It was only after a 10 year apprenticeship with that same service doing all the screening, evaluation and placement, that I decided to step out in faith and start my own company. 

Although I have experience in all the facets of the staffing industry my major areas of expertise and responsibility include: general management, policy management, recruitment, interviewing, evaluation, screening, customer service and placement. 

I believe the most important position in a staffing firm is that of the person responsible for evaluating, selecting and placing personnel. After all the sales presentations are made, when all the pricing is hammered out, when the smoke clears and all is said and done, unless the candidate matches the job requirements and the job matches the candidate's needs, you have nothing. That is why at our company, there are only seasoned, experienced, professionals working with you.



Our History




Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. has been certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by the following agencies: 

  • Maryland Department of Transportation W/MBE # 03-305 
  • City of Baltimore WBE # 91-001755 
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Our History

by Tom Fox
On January 15, 1974, I was a college student at Towson State College (now Towson University). That day on campus, a group was handing out pocket-sized New Testament Bibles and gave me one. I placed it in my knapsack and quickly forgot about it. Little did I realize that it would greatly impact my life. That evening while going through my books, I found the bible. Not having much use for it, I gave it to my mother. She had been struggling with this idea of going into business for herself and I thought the small gift would lift her spirits. She randomly opened the bible to Proverbs 3 verses 5-9 (I’ll let you look it up and read it). The next day she went to work and resigned so she could start her own business.

So, on May 1, 1974, right in the middle of a recession, this gray-haired, middle aged woman, with only a high school education and without the enthusiastic support of her family (she did give up the security of a good paying job), opened Marge Fox Personnel Services. Marge rented two small rooms on the top floor of 11 West Pennsylvania Avenue (this has since been torn down and is now part of Towson Commons). Being an astute business person, she knew she would need help. And that’s how my career in the staffing industry began. Marge, who is my mother, explained the possibilities and opportunities the future held if I invested my time (translation: work for free) in this endeavor. She said I was perfect for the job: Sensitive, Adaptable, & Personable (it’s just coincidental the acronym spells SAP). I carefully weighed the pros and cons. I was a 20 year old college student, unemployed, and living off my parents at home. H’mmm, what should I do? Heroically, I put my mother’s best interest first and accepted her offer.

We began our company as a permanent agency, but quickly expanded to temporary placement in November 1974. The business incorporated in 1977 and my sister, Leslye, was hired and took over the accounting functions that I performed. My mother passed away in July 2002 and today Leslye and I remain on the job.  We continue to place people in temporary, permanent, and temp-to-hire positions.

As you can see, our start was not a strategic, well-planned, organized endeavor. It was more, as Marge liked to say, “a step out in faith.” We truly felt from the very beginning that if we served ethically and honestly both the business community and the people who came to us seeking employment, that there would be no way we could fail. In our 33 years in business, we have never strayed from our mission.

Today, the staffing industry has changed dramatically. Corporate America has embraced the concept of the "mega" store for one stop shopping and has consolidated and outsourced the functions of recruitment, placement and management of its contingent workforce. The results have been long term, vendor-on-premise contracts awarded to primarily large national and international staffing firms who serve as the master vendor. With many of the major spenders on staffing services going the outsource route, you may wonder about the future of the small independent staffing services. Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind a few times (refer to Proverbs 3:5-9). Thankfully, there are many businesses and job applicants who still value personal service and attention to detail.  So there is still a place in this “bigger is better” world for companies like us. 


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