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Welcome to Marge Fox Personnel 

We are a local, independently owned and operated business.  We have over 35 years experience in the temporary service industry and established our firm May 1974.  We started our business with the basic philosophy - to serve honestly, professionally and ethically both the business community and the people who would come to us seeking employment. 

This philosophy has been successful.  We have been blessed with an abundance of good, conscientious, and reliable temporary employees. 

Our success and continued success of our company depends mainly on our employees.  How the "temp" represents us directly affects how the client views our company and our temporary employees.  Favorable impressions by clients guarantee unlimited opportunities because clients will ask for the same person when they need help in the future. 

We are a family business and we like to consider everyone who works for us as part of our family and we hope you feel the same.  Keep in mind, as an employee, we are interested in you as a person and we are always available to help.  Anything which affects you, also affects us.  We welcome all suggestions and ideas on ways to improve our service to you and our clients. 

Please take time to read this brochure.  You should know or have readily available this information about our policies when they are needed.  If you have any questions, feel free to call.  We will be happy to assist you in any way we possibly can. 

Thank you for registering with Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. and hope your employment with us will be a long and rewarding experience. 

What Is A Marge Fox Temporary Employee? 

A Marge Fox Temporary is an employee of Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. and not of the client-company, where the work is actually performed.  We loan our employees to our clients who need extra help.  The client is then billed for the time our employee has worked.  Our temporary employees are paid an hourly wage based on job specifications, experience and skill level.  You are paid for the actual hours worked per week (excluding lunch
periods, travel time, etc.).  There is never a fee deduction from your paycheck.  The only deductions are for state, federal and social security taxes, which are required by law. 

Once registered, we will telephone you for assignments, giving a full job description.  This description gives all the necessary information, such as:  client's name and location, supervisor's name, length of assignment, work hours, pay rate, and the duties to be performed.  Temporary work allows you the flexibility to pick and choose the assignment that best suits your needs.  However, once the job is accepted, we do expect you to complete the assignment as required. 

When your assignment is completed, you must telephone our office immediately and inform us.  Also check the appropriate boxes on the time sheet.  For additional job assignments, telephone our office daily.  Failure to do this will declare your intent not to seek further employment from our company. 

Every employee is to be properly dressed for their assignments.  We expect our employees to be reliable, dependable, professional and courteous at all times. 

If you are working on an assignment for us and must terminate your employment for any reason, we expect ample notice.  This allows us time to notify the client and secure and train the proper replacement. 

Absenteeism & Lateness 

When you are working on an assignment for us and you are unable to report or are going to be late, you must telephone our office before 7:45 a.m. on the day of the occurrence and advise us of the problem.  We will notify the client of the problem.  If you are absent from the job, you must call our office before 4:00 p.m. on the day of the absence and inform us of your ability to work the following day. 

As a service company, we must be kept informed.  Failure to report absence and lateness to our office is considered a serious violation and cause for dismissal.  (Note:  A doctor's certificate will be required for anyone absent three consecutive days or longer.) 

Our office can be called any time, day or night, and a message left on our  24-Hour Message Center.  The Message Center was installed as a convenience to you.  Use it to report absence, lateness, availability and other important information. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of dependable and reliable employees.  Our mutual success depends on this.  For this reason, it is important that you be on job as required by the job specifications.  Excessive absenteeism and lateness cannot be tolerated and is cause for dismissal. 

You are our employee and are responsible to report to us any problems which affect your ability to work. 

Thank you for your cooperation! 

The Time Sheet 

In order to be paid for the time worked, a Time Sheet must be completed and sent to our office. 

Your time sheet is the way you report the hours you have worked to us.  It is important that it be filled in completely and accurately. 

Below are instructions on how to complete the time sheet correctly.  Please read the instructions carefully.  If you have any questions, please call our office. 

  • Fill in your time sheet daily. 
  • Only preprinted time sheets will be accepted. 
  • Time sheets must be mailed weekly. 
  • Never put hours from two different weeks on the same time sheet. 
  • Use a separate time sheet for each client you are assigned to work. 
  • Put your name and Social Security number on the time sheet. 
  • Complete all dates, times started, time finished and lunch periods.  Days not worked should be X'ed (XXX) out, including weekends. 
  • Complete the sections marked:  Job Continuing, If Job has ended..., Available Date, Classification and Week Ending Date (always Sunday's date). 
  • Check the box indicating if you want your check mailed or held for pik-up.  If left unmarked, your check will be mailed. 
  • Complete the sections marked:  Client Company, Address, and Department. 
  • Two signatures must appear on the time sheet, your own and an authorized representative of the client company. 
  • FAX copies of your time sheet will be accepted to process your pay check as long as they are completed as described above.  However, your pay check will not be released until we received the orignial time sheet.  (NOTE:  Always get permission from the client supervisor to use their FAX machine.) 

The Payroll 

Even though you are not working in our office, you are the employee of Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc., and are paid by us. 

Our payroll is processed weekly.  In order to be paid, you must submit a completed Time Sheet to our office. Remember, time sheets with missing or erroneous information could delay the processing of your pay check.  So be sure the time sheet is properly completed and only a preprinted time sheet used. 

In order to be paid, the time sheet must be in our office by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday following the week worked.  Time sheets received after the cut-off time will be delayed until the following week.  There can be no exceptions to this procedure.  So please be sure you send your time sheet in on time. 

To avoid delays,  FAXed copies of your time sheet will be accepted as a "working" copy to begin processing your pay check, as long as they are completed as described.  However, your pay check will not be released to you until we received the orignial time sheet (white copy with original signatures).  (NOTE:  Always get permission from the client supervisor to use their FAX machine.) 

Pay checks are mailed or ready for pick-up after 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, following the week worked.  Enclosed with your check will be an extra time sheet.  Additional time sheets may be obtained by calling our office. 

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