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We are one of the few services in the area whose owners actually participate in the day to day activities of the company. Our hands-on approach gives you access to top management and the decision makers. This means you receive immediate responses, prompt decisions, quick action, and personal attention to all your staffing needs. 


Our management team has no less than 30 years experience in the staffing industry. We work to develop a long term relationship with you, learning all the tangible and intangible qualifications of your staffing needs, as well as your corporate goals and strategic plans. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff becomes an extension of your human resource functions--the type of business partner you expect. 


Since 1974, our company has recruited people for work on a temporary, temp-to-hire, contractual and permanent basis. As such, we have developed and maintained an extensive network of recruitment sources through: local schools and training centers, government agencies, business associates, employee and business referrals, friends, and the Internet. Additionally, we continually recruit and attract applicants through our classified newspaper and radio advertisements, direct mail campaigns, telephone campaigns, referral programs, various job fairs, the Internet, and our impeccable reputation. 


Every job candidate goes through the following screening process, when appropriate: 
  • Education Background Investigation 
  • Employment Background Investigation 
  • Criminal Background Investigation 
  • Testing using Qwiz Skills Evaluation Programs 
  • Evaluation of Test Results 
  • Interview Process 
  • Impression Summary 
  • Drug/alcohol screening is available

Our screening process is not totally unique to the staffing industry. However, what is unique, is that all these functions are performed by industry professionals with no less than 15 years experience. Therefore, the selection and placement of temporary and permanent workers for your staffing needs are made by professionals completely familiar with both the tangible skills and intangible assets of the worker. Thus, the service we render is highly successful, consistent and reliable. 

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