Our payrolling services are extremely cost effective and give you the flexibility to hire through our service: retirees, ex-employees, and prospective employees that you recruited on your own.

The benefit of hiring retirees and ex-employees through our payrolling services is that you have a ready trained work force, familiar with the internal operations of your company, without assuming all the employment liabilities of an employer. 

Evaluating prospective employees through our payrolling service before making an offer of employment offers the benefits of the "try-before-you-buy" concept of hiring. In this win-win situation both the job applicant and potential employer get to try out the job before making any commitments. 

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Since 1974, Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. has continuously recruited for temporary/contractual workers and has a large established database of qualified personnel. All of our temporary/contractual employees have been thoroughly tested and screened for their abilities. And, to assure you all your staffing needs are met, we have established strategic partnerships with staffing companies that complement our own services. 

Our temporary/contractual staffing operations are not totally unique to the industry. However, what is unique, is that all these functions are performed by an industry professional with no less than 15 years experience, who is completely familiar with the tangible skills and intangible assets of a worker. This makes the service we render highly successful, consistent and reliable. 

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Our Temp-To-Hire staffing offers the same "try-before-you-buy" concept of hiring as our payrolling service. The main difference is that Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc., does all the recruiting, evaluation, screening and selection of personnel placed with your company. 

Temp-To-Hire offers a cost effective alternative to traditional hiring methods and eliminates the negative effects of hiring the wrong person. It also creates a win-win situation for the job applicant and potential employer because both get to try out the job before making any commitments. 

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Let's face it, recruiting for permanent staff is time consuming, stressful, often yields no results and is very costly, especially in today's tight labor market. We provide the same thorough screening of applicants for permanent positions as we do for our temporary workers. Because we continuously recruit, we are able to spread our costs over many clients, since our efforts usually result in multiple applicants that can be placed in other positions. Our permanent placement fees are contingent (you only pay if we are successful and you hire our referral) and based on flat fees and not a percentage of the applicant's starting salary, as most agencies charge. Therefore, our fees are often more cost effective than doing it yourself and we guarantee our placements with a full refund policy! Additionally, you benefit from the confidentiality of your applicant search. 

We take the risk out of hiring and do it on a budget that even a small company can afford.   There is absolutely nothing to lose, when you choose Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. 

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Quality control begins with the screening process and does not end until the successful placement of a job applicant or completion of the temporary/contractual assignment. In our Temporary Division, we continually monitor our temporary/contractual employees while they are on an assignment to assure consistent performance throughout the assignment. All evaluations become a permanent record in the employees' file and reviewed before they are assigned to the next job. Clients are also encouraged to contact us any time with problems that may arise during the assignment. Any problems are immediately resolved on an individual basis, to the client's satisfaction. 





Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. maintains an extensive computerized database of job applicants including experience, skill levels, and test results. We can instantly search and retrieve applicant information based on your job criteria. This allows us to quickly respond to your staffing needs. If we do not have the "right" candidate for your position, we would immediately begin active recruiting for the position or you could choose to pursue other alternatives on your own. 





Our company does not outsource its billing functions. We handle all accounting functions internally. Our invoicing system is very client friendly and flexible. It is capable of handling almost any billing request. Should a billing error occur, we have total control over its resolution. Additionally we have instant access to historical billing information on your account, should you need this information in a hurry.





When a job candidate is sent to you on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or contract basis, Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. actually hires the person onto our own payroll. We, in turn, assume all statutory benefits and risks. As the employer of record, we withhold all taxes, do all the necessary filing and reporting to the various government agencies, we pay unemployment insurance, contribute to their social security benefits, and pay their worker's compensation insurance. At your request, we will provide a Certificate of Insurance for your files. 





Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. has been certified as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise by the following agencies: 

  • Maryland Department of Transportation W/MBE # 03-305 




Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. is a professional, honest, and ethical service with the highest standards of quality. We only work with clients that share our high standards. So, unlike many of our competitors in the temporary staffing industry who offer a specific guarantee period (i.e., 4 hours) if you are not satisfied, our guarantee program promises the flexibility to rectify any problems, at any time during the assignment, to your complete satisfaction. You tell us what you believe to be a fair and equitable solution to the problem and we will honor your reasonable request. 

In our permanent division, we do not receive a fee until we are successful and you actually hire a referral we made. After hiring our referral, we guarantee a successful placement.  Call us for more details at 410-296-5044




Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. has a policy of Equal Employment Opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, handicap, or veteran status. 

Additionally, we adhere to affirmative action to help insure that all persons are treated fairly and without being subjected to any invalid or discriminatory criteria, including sexual harassment. This includes, but is not limited to: employment upgrading, promotion, demotion, transfer, recruitment, advertising, layoff, termination, remuneration, benefits, compensation, training and apprenticeship programs. 

Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. also adheres to all E.E.O. guidelines, including but not limited to, OFCCP-41-CFR 60-20; Section 503, Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Section 402,Vietnam Era Veteran Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, and OFCCP-42-CFR 60-50, in handling all open positions. 




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