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Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc. is a local, family owned and independently operated staffing company which has served the Baltimore area since May 1, 1974.

We operate our company with a simple business plan:

  • A mission to serve honestly, professionally and ethically both the business community and the people who come to us seeking employment;
  • A commitment to provide superior quality staffing services to Baltimore's finest companies;
  • And a goal to be recognized as the premier recruiter and supplier of human resources in our market area.
Times have changed drastically since 1974.  Advances in technology, global competition, consolidations, and mergers have all changed the way we do business. Throughout the many changes, our company has remained flexible to the evolving needs of our customers and job applicants. We have made major investments and commitments in recruitment, testing and training using the latest technologies and we continually upgrade these services. We have established partnerships with some of the finest and largest staffing services in the world to assure that your staffing and employment needs are met. We may not be the biggest or the oldest, but there is no other service better equipped to handle today's rapidly changing business environment.

Thank you for your interest in our company and for visiting our site. Bookmark it for future reference.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Leslye Fox Anderson
Thomas Fox 
Vice President

Marge Fox Personnel Services, Inc.
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